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Pavement Studies 

The ongoing fusion and separation of everything

Meandering rivers, moving mountains and evolving clouds 

Like the progress of our daily life The never-ending development

of our pavements, streets and buildings

The surrounding that we 

constantly create and change

A fragile construction of reality Breathless, thoroughly calculated and unconsciously blacked out 

at the same time

My works are dedicated to a fundamental element that is easily overlooked: The ground beneath our feet. Each painting is a portrait of a particular geographical structure; an »overhead view« that does not reveal whether it shows a distant or close environment,
a landscape or even an organism.


I am particularly fascinated by »urban geographies«, such as irregularly carved pavements and repaired roads. I internalise these man-made structures that hold our cities together and guide our daily movements and transfer their essence into my painting. I am preoccupied with street and ground coverings that form borders, territories, landmarks dominating our cities and landscapes. How is this structuring of our ground world related to political and social rules? How do our paved streets affect our behaviour?
Likewise, my paintings are related to rock formations and cycles, earth crusts, erosion, lava and moss. Phenomena that are triggered by natural processes on the one hand and influenced by humans on the other hand.

When I look at soil and rock structures, I come to rest, I am focused and clear. My work is based on this respectful observation.
Be it man-made, be it the result of natural processes — the constant development of the soil and its places is what brings my works to life.

The pictures consist of amorphous forms, an evolution of layers and textures, which sometimes float, sometimes stick to the background and are reminiscent of children's puzzles. They are created from a mixed technique (spray can, acrylic, oil pastel), applied to wooden objects. Unwavering adherence to any surface: Innumerable layers and materials form the hidden framework of the drifting, visible elements. Clearly delineated islands of colour are connected across hazy varnish. All this works together as a living system in which the viewer can »linger« and »wander around«.